Bhavlingi Sant "Ek Nazar"
कलौ काले चले चित्ते, देह चान्नादि कीटके ।
एतच्चित्चमत्कारः  ,  जिनरूप धरा नराः ।।
That is, in this period of time, the mind is moving and the body is made of a worm of food, in such a situation, if someone wears the form of Jinn, then it should be known only as a miracle of consciousness.
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भावलिंगी संत
शांति भक्ति सिद्धि
जिनागम पंथ क्या है ?
जीवन है पानी की बूँद
स्वर्णिम विमर्श उत्सव


P.P. Gurudev's Sangha stayed in Digambar jain Mandir, Jatara (M.P.). All of you must come for darshan and Be sure to increase your virtue.


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